T-Mobile UK have released a list of the top ten most popular Android applications, as downloaded to the T-Mobile G1 by users in the UK.  The list, which spans backup apps, shopping comparison search engines and horoscope information, have all been available free through the Android Market.  Top of the ranking is The Weather Channel, which offers customizable weather maps and alerts.

A similar list, for US downloads, was published back in December 2008.  Google recently announced an update to the Android Market, which will allow developers to charge for their applications rather than give them away free.  It’s expected that this will drive coding for the Android platform.

1. The Weather Channel – Provides customizable weather maps and alerts

2. MySpace Mobile – Allows MySpace users to keep connected via their T-Mobile G1

3. ShopSavvy – Allows users to scan a product’s barcode and compare prices online

4. Daily Horoscope – Offers a daily fix of astrology

5. Free Dictionary Org – Works just like a traditional dictionary

6. Ringdroid – Allows users to create their own ringtones using MP3 tracks, or by recording their own

7. Backgrounds – 50,000 backgrounds available to customise your T-Mobile G1

8. Barcode Scanner – Similar to ShopSavvy, allows users to scan a CD or book’s barcode to look up prices or reviews

9. Save MMS – Allows users to save images, video or audio from MMS text messages directly to the G1’s memory card

10. Compare Everywhere – Another shopping comparison service that uses the G1’s camera to scan a product’s barcode to find out more information and comparative prices

Earlier today, Vodafone and HTC announced the new HTC Magic, which will be the second phone to go on general sale with the Android OS.  You can find out more about the HTC Magic here, and see the first of our demo videos here.


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