You probably have more than one photo editing app on your smartphone because there is no one app that can satisfy your mobile photography needs. Well, a newish app called Toolwiz Photos Editor Pro is claiming that you won’t need any other app just to be able to edit, put text, and even organize the photos on your smartphone. And the best part of course about this is that it is absolutely free, with no ads or in-app purchases needed to enjoy all the features you want or need.

The app of course has the usual key features that you would need in a photo editor like image processing (rotate, crop, expand, flip, etc), image tuning (brightness, temperature, tint, toning, etc), detail (clarity, de-noise, enhance), Auto, Toning, Blur, and other standard features. It also has special effects, filters, cutout, and other photo enhancing tools that may not be that standard.

The app also has drawing capabilities so you can doodle, sketch, free draw, put lines, circles, rectangles, on your photo, creating a multi-media work of art. And if you’re into creating memes, picture quotes, etc, you can also add stylized text onto the photos. Other more complicated but interesting effects you can add include double exposure, mirror effect, stamping, healing, etc. Also important is the ability to collage photos, which more often than not, you use other apps other than your photo editor to do it for you.

Organizing your photos is also part of the service, as you can add tags, find and delete duplicate photos, compress them to save space, and search by date, location, type, and tag. You can download Toolwiz Photos Editor Pro from the Google Play Store for free.