If you’ve wanted to get a Tile tracker but you weren’t really happy with the fact that it didn’t have replaceable batteries, now is your time to reconsider them. The new, upgraded versions of their Tile Mate and Tile Pro have been announced and one of the main differences is that it is now powered by coin cell batteries. The range is wider and the sound is louder as well. Plus, they’re introducing a new Premium subscription service for those who have several Tiles.

According to Tile, a lot of people were requesting that they bring trackers that have user-replaceable batteries since the previous ones had to be replaced entirely when the battery ran out. One of the fears is that the trackers would become bigger once you put a coin cell battery in there. But it looks like there isn’t much difference in the size as the Tile Mate is 34.7mm x 34.7mm x 6.2 mm and weighs 7.5g while the Tile Pro is 41.6mm x 41.6mm x 6.5 mm and weighs 12.8g.

It’s still thin and small enough that you can attach it to your wallet, bag, keychain, umbrella, etc. Both devices also have longer Bluetooth range than the previous versions. Tile Mate can now reach up to 150 feet while Pro can go as far as 300 feet. The ring volume has also been increased so you can hear the alarm above the noise of a coffee shop for example.

Tile Premium is a new subscription program that gives six additional services aside from the ones offered to all Tile users. You get free, automatic battery replacements annually and they will be shipped prior to the one-year post activation. You will also be able to set up proactive Smart alerts to let you know if you’re leaving without your Tiled item. You also get unlimited sharing of tracked items, 30-day location history, extended warranty and premium customer care though a text line.

The new Tile Mate retails at $25 while Tile Pro is at $35. They’re now available at Tile.com and other major retailers. The Tile Premium subscription is $29.99 annually or $2.99 monthly with a one-month free trial.