An intrepid or otherwise heavily obsessed fan of the upcoming HTC ThunderBolt has been poking around the HTC store online, today finding a way to actually get the ThunderBolt in their cart. Sadly, all this amounts to is shattered dreams as the phone is just in the system, not available for purchase. To do this, all you’ve got to do is copy an address, paste an address, change a number, and submit! So simple. Maybe it’s better that you don’t even try it – no more tears.

The following is the method our tipper friend “asdfasdf,” also known as “anonymous,” the real anonymous, not the hacker group, has used to attain the goal image you see above. Have a look and try it out yourself!

Go to HTC’s online store, go to any product detail page.  ‘Copy link
address’ for the “Add to cart” link.  Paste to the address bar, change
product ID to 38411, submit.  You’ll be taken to an HTC Incredible
page, but when you click to view your “Cart,” you’ll have an HTC
Thunderbolt there for $699.99.  However, you can’t check out due to no
plans being available for this phone.

All of this is of course done over at, a place where they clearly enter in objects well(?) before they’re ready to roll. Have a look at ALL of the rest of the dates and pushbacks via our bit fat [HTC ThunderBolt] portal – so many dates!