In an “unexpected” twist (well, at least according to Samsung) to the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge story, Samsung says that the demand for the gold variants of their new flagships is on a high and is almost at par with the original colors of white and black. This means that they are “intensifying” the production of these smartphones, but at the rate it’s going, particularly in Europe, they might have a “gold shortage” eventually.

According to the sales data from the OEM, one in four consumers (specifically 23%) have been asking for the Gold Platinum edition for the two newest smartphones from Samsung. According to Conior Pierce, Vice President IT and Mobile for Samsung UK and Ireland, this was a surprising problem because traditionally, the white and black colors have been what the consumers have been asking for. But it seems that now, people are wanting more colorful smartphone out of the box, and not just on the casing or accessories.

Samsung came out with a psychological background on how people choose the colors of their gadgets. Those who prefer the White Pearl variant may be “status-seeking extroverts” and even though white has always been associated with innocence and purity, it is now more about a symbol that you are well-off since you can afford to keep your device clean. Those who chose Black Sapphire may be the rebels or outsiders, as that has been the traditional meaning of the “absence of light”. So these may be those who are striving for individualism and independence. No surprise that psychologists believe that those who choose gold are striving for prosperity and financial success.

Now whether or not the fascination with the color gold is the fault of Samsung’s arch rival Apple, who released gold variants of their most recent gadgets, is another discussion altogether. As far as Samsung is concerned, more demand for the Gold Platinum is also more demand for the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, so that should be enough.

VIA: Android Central