Themer, which set the launcher craze into overdrive, has seen its first major update since launch. With the refresh, Themer promises easier navigation via a new translucent app drawer, and themes that peek through to give you a preview or what you’ll get. In our review, we noted Themer was easy to use, and this update will only add to the experience.

If you’re unfamiliar with Themer, it’s really a happy media for customization. Without having to root, we can get a fresh look for our device via preloaded themes. If you’re a little more savvy, you can visit their website and make your own. However you choose to do it, Themer offers easy customization that takes virtually no time at all.

Sadly, the app/launcher is still in beta, meaning those who want to give it a shot will have to wait. The team at My Color Screen, makers of Themer, are rolling out invitations gradually to allow for a smooth experience. It also affords them time to make changes and not turn a wide audience off. In our review, we noted quite a few bugs and tweaks that we would like to see fixed. The wait list fluctuates, but when we loaded the app to a new device this morning, it was in the thousands.

We like Themer for its easy customization and sublime variety. Simple or robust, Themer has you covered. We hope the new theme navigation is a precursor to more, as we’d like to see Themer available to everyone. On the other hand, we don’t want perfection rushed, and we think Themer could be the perfect customization tool at some point.