Are you ready? It’s time for the next winner of a Motorola XOOM tablet here on Android Community. The second of three winners, five if you count the other two tablets we’ve given away. The extremely simple rules for entering this contest are below – one of the only people who will not want to be entering this contest any longer is Jeremy Stagg because you have just won a Motorola XOOM! This is the time for you, Jeremy Stagg to get in contact with us in one way or another, in under 24 hours of course, or we’ll give your prize away to someone else! Everyone else – get to entering!

If you’re not Jeremy Stagg and you’d like to enter this contest, read the shortened version of the rules below. If you’d like the full version of the rules (these I recommend you read as well if you’ve got any doubts about how the contest works,) head on over to here for some heavy reading. The shortened version of the rules, again, are here:

To win the very last of these fabulous tablets, you must:
1. “like” us on Facebook:
2. Comment on the wall saying something nice like “Android Community and NVIDIA have no less than dual-core generosity!”

Contest begins April 11, 2PM PST, and ends May 1, 2PM PST. A winner will be announced every Monday @ 5PM PST here in the main news feed and at our official Facebook page.

WINNERS will be given the opportunity to submit a review of their XOOM and have it posted on the front page of! *Reviews may be edited or modified before publication and are considered works for hire under the 1976 Copyright Act. Submissions will be ineligible for payment or remuneration.