With still nothing to show for from the launch and the release of its first Android phone, Canadian gadget manufacturer BlackBerry is rumored to be launching a second Android smartphone in the wake of the launch of the BlackBerry Priv. This one is coded as “Vienna” for now, but these leaked renders may give us an idea of what the design will bring.

First up, these images were leaked to the people over at Crackberry, who are basically on top of all things BlackBerry. The main aesthetic detail is that from these purported renders, the Vienna seems to have done away with the Priv’s in favor a more traditional BlackBerry layout – this one with a front-facing physical keyboard.


From the renders, it looks like the keyboard takes its design from that of the Priv’s, but it’s early days, and we simply can’t tell from these renders alone. The size of the screen is another factor that we obviously would like to know, but that is not available for now.


The people at Crackberry are obviously positive about the company’s offerings these days, but we’re on a more reserved stance. The BlackBerry Priv might be a good phone, at the very least, but the USD$700 pricing is ridiculous at best. We hope BlackBerry takes a more sober stance with this next phone.

SOURCE: Crackberry