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Xiaomi MI-One sells 150,000 units in 13 minutes

Wow, people are really, really excited for the MI-One, the Chinese smartphone from manufacturer Xiaomi that eschews standard Android or manufacturer skins in favor...

Xiaomi Phone to receive stock Android 2.3.5 soon, Ice Cream Sandwich in January

Xiaomi is the manufacturer behind the Xiaomi MI-One dubbed the MIUI Phone. They are the guys behind the 1.5 Ghz dual-core phone that will...

MIUI Xiaomi MI-One Phone Now Shipping

This week the guys at MIUI have finally started shipping the MI-One smartphone in China with more locations coming soon. In case you've not...

MIUI ROM Getting UI Enhancements, Real MIUI Phone Gets Pictured

Are you guys ready for some delicious looking user interface and lockscreens for your Android? Because the team over at MIUI have released some...

Xiaomi M1 Dual-Core Android Phone, Call it the MIUI Phone

Xiaomi will be introducing a new phone called the M1 in China, for now I'm just going to call this the MIUI Phone. For...

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