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Samsung Galaxy S II will not be offered by Verizon Wireless?

This is a bit depressing, in some sad news new details are coming out regarding the upcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy S II...

Android back on top of WSJ Poll, Fanboys to the rescue

It looks as if the battle continues over the recent Wall Street Journal Poll asking who makes the best mobile OS. Launched late last...

Wall Street Journal Phone Survey Closes – Windows Best Operating System?

We let you know of the previously ongoing poll of the day over at Wall Street Journal asking who makes the best mobile operating...

Who makes the best mobile operating system – according to WSJ Readers

It's been asked many times, who makes the best mobile operating system? While we definitely have strong opinions here at Android Community about our...

Sprint HTC Supersonic arriving next week?

Sprint is expected to officially announce the HTC Supersonic next week. This Android device would be the first WiMax compatible phone released for a...

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