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Qi wireless charging

Wireless Power Consortium improves Qi wireless standard specification

Wireless charging technology may be slowly moving but it's certainly advancing. A number of phones are now wireless charging capable and compatible with either...

Wireless charging gets needed clarity as A4WP and PMA sign agreement [UPDATE: WPC comments]

Wireless charging is a feature we’d like to see on more phones, but it’s just not being implemented quickly. Part of that has to...

Samsung invests in wireless charging firm PowerbyProxi

Earlier today, we told you about Qualcomm’s interest in wireless charging standards. The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP), which Qualcomm helped found, is attempting...

Qualcomm joins PMA in attempt to bring wireless charging standards together

Like contextual awareness in devices, wireless charging is fast becoming standard on many devices. The Nexus 4 had the functionality, as well as some...

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