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Gameloft reveals UNO & Friends multiplayer for Android

Gameloft is totally a fan of UNO, and they've offered a version on Android for some time now. Today though, the folks from Gameloft...

UNO for Android now Free in the Market with multiplayer and more

Oh yea, nothing beats playing the old school game of UNO to bring back some good ol memories right on my Android phone or...

Gameloft sale: N.O.V.A., UNO, Assassin’s Creed and Asphalt 6 just $.99 this weekend

Gameloft, the Android game publisher that's so good you almost don't mind that none of their games are on the official Android Market, is...

UNO for Android Updated with HD Graphics for tablets

Remember as a child playing UNO and screaming it out at the end when you finally win? I do, and today Gameloft has updated...

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