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[ALERT] New Trojan called Hong Tou Tou lurking

One of the good things about Android is that it's open source. But on the other hand, that also means it can sometimes...

Lookout Mobile Security Analyzes that Super Evil Geinimi Trojan

Oh that crappy ol' Geinimi Trojan making its way around the Android world has been analyzed those superheroes of mobile security: Lookout (or lookout,...

Geinimi Android trojan piggybacks 3rd-party apps & sends personal info to hackers

A new Android trojan has been discovered, Geinimi, capable of stripping information from a user's device and sending that to a third-party, or even allowing...

Another SMS Sending Trojan Released onto Android Devices

The latest SMS Trojan, Trojan-SMS-AndroidOS-FakePlayer-B, is now being distributed via Russian-language sites that are offering up video clips. Although it has not yet been...

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