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Nexus 7 overclocked to 1.64 GHz, destroys benchmarks

Those awesome Android developers never let up when it comes to the cutting edge. Take the Nexus 7 for example. It rocks the NVIDIA...

Galaxy Nexus receives Trinity kernel, brings better battery life and overclocking

The Galaxy Nexus being an easily unlocked Google experience device we knew it would receive tons of mods, hacks, kernels, and roms but one...

Trinity Kernels for Nexus S and G2x receive updates

If you are one of the many that indulge in the rooting, overclocking, and general tweaking of your Android phones this will be some...

Android Community Weekly : June 4, 2011

Welcome to another edition of Android Community Weekly! This past Sunday some press photos surfaced with a breaking leak to the Asus Padphone. Later...

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