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Verizon to Support 4G in 140 Markets by year’s end

We all know that Verizon is planning to aggressively enter the 4G market with extensive market rollout over 2011, however, we just didn't know...

HTC Thunderbolt Accessories Appear Online

Offwire has never been shy about adding new accessories to their lineup before a device's official announcement. Continuing their trend they have sent out...

HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon TWELVE PHOTOS

You might already know that HTC will be the "first to 4G... again," but what you might not know is that this phone that's...

Email Sign Up for HTC Thunderbolt Information now Available

HTC has been the leader of 4G Android Devices. They are definitely the most known probably because they have been the "first" on a...

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