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Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 ad highlights all the features at once

Samsung isn't slowing down with the commercials and ad spots for their products, and in fact, it looks like they've learned that showcasing and...

Google adds interactive weather search to tablets

Today Google has added another one of those small yet ever so useful features to their search capabilities on mobile devices. More importantly on...

10-inch Android Tablet by Malata SMB-A1011 – Video

Yes, it’s that time of day again. It’s time for another Android tablet that we will not see in stores for quite some time....

Compal 7 inch Android Tablet Running NVIDIA Tegra 2 – Video

The Compal 7 is an Android tablet that features the famed Tegra 2 chips, it was recently handled at the Netbook Summit here in...

ARCHOS Brings the First Large Screen Android-Based Tablet Under $200

Archos has officially announced the Archos 7 Android tablet today. This tablet has a 7 inch touch screen and is built to be a...

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