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SuperSU updated with Android L preview compatibility

While the announcement of Android L has brought, or at least teased, several improvements for the platform, there are those that look at the...

OnePlus One plus TWRP equals possibilities

OnePlus' first smartphone caused a bit of a sensation, both in a good and in a bad way, but its utility has so far...

Chainfire foresees rooting problems in upcoming Android 4.4.3

The creator of the popular SuperSU and CF-Auto-Root tools has been quite vocal about his concerns regarding changes in the Android Open Source Project...

Future Android security feature could break many root apps

A set of commits have recently been pushed to the Android Open Source Project that seeks to harden the platform against malicious attacks. But...

Koush’s all-new Superuser app hits the Play Store – remains open source

The extremely popular Android developer Koush most notably known for ClockWorkMod, has just launched his own all-new Superuser app today in the Google Play...

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