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Android Gaming Platform design at Yanko

Over at Yanko, there's a cool design for an Android gaming platform that could go head to head with Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play. ...

Samsung Droid Charge eyes Droid lineup

Samsung looks to add to Verizon's line of Droid handsets with the Droid Charge that sports a clever new red eye icon. As...

Samsung Galaxy S II gets previewed: Great screen, performance untapped

Samsung's Galaxy S II isn't expected to ship for a while yet, but a prototype unit has already turned up for some Russian previewing....

Samsung Galaxy S2 to have 4.3″ Super AMOLED Plus & NFC tips report

Further details on Samsung's Android smartphone plans for MWC 2011 next month continue to drip out, with a new Korean report confirming screen size...

New Samsung Galaxy Tabs & dual-core Gingerbread Super AMOLED Plus smartphones next month

Samsung is expected to launch its next-gen Galaxy Tab tablets at Mobile World Congress in February 2011, according to the WSJ, alongside a new...

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