Tag: Star Trek

Star Trek Timelines lets you explore all the series’ universes

While the past few months have seen everyone talk about nothing but Star Wars, there is another Star named franchise that will be the...

Star Trek communicator-like project shelved at Google

While Star Wars fans are going crazy about the upcoming Episode 7, Star Trek fans are busy developing technology. Actually, there's just one but...

Star Trek Trexels for Android now live on Google Play Store

Star Trek Trexels has been around for sometime now on the Apple App Store. It just went live on the Android platform a few...

Star Trek: Into Darkness movie companion app hands-on

J.J. Abrams may be moving onto a different space franchise in 2015, but for now, all eyes are on his upcoming film Star Trek:...

Star Command: Trekkie RPG with Game Dev Story style

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of War Balloon Games, a tiny indie game developer with a love of all things Star...

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