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OTA updates for Samsung Epic 4G, Transform and Galaxy Tab coming

A pretty strong indication of an over the air (OTA) update to the Samsung Epic 4G, Transform, and even the Galaxy Tab popped up...

HSN Introduces Sprint ID Pack for the Shopping Savvy

Sprint recently unveiled two new ID packs - from ESPN and MTV - at CES this year. To add to the family, the newest...

Sprint Launches ESPN Pack for Sprint ID Devices

Sprint has just announced the availability of the ESPN Pack for Sprint ID enabled handsets. Giving sports fans a way to stay current on...

LG Optimus S Launching November 7th, Brings Sprint ID Along for Ride

Sprint ID was a hot ticket when it was announced not too long ago, but as many things do, it's become something of a...

Sprint Announces Sprint ID – Packs of apps, ringtones, etc [Video]

Sprint has just announced their plans to roll out what they like to call Sprint ID. Essentially they are a bundle of apps, wallpapers,...

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