Tag: Sony Xperia sola

Sony retires several two-year old Xperia smartphones

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that Sony is now ending official software upgrades for several of its older Xperia models. But owners...

Sony Xperia Sola available now in Hong Kong

Desperate to try out some touch-free web browsing on your phone? Then grab a plane ticket, buddy - you're headed for Hong Kong. Taiwanese...

Sony Xperia sola cracked open at the FCC

Sony's latest device, the touch-less Xperia sola has just hit the FCC in a full out teardown where we get to see everything under...

Sony Xperia sola officially announced with camera gestures and NFC tags

That "Pepper" handset we saw yesterday didn't stay obscure for very long. Sony has just announced the Xperia sola (keeping its maddening trend of strange capitalization...

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