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Samsung Galaxy i5700 Spica to get 2.1 in Q2

The Spica will get a major boost sometime between April and June, moving from Android 1.5 to 2.1. Unwired View reports the update has been...

Samsung Galaxy Spica Announced Again, now in Korea

Okay, so it appears Russia jumped ahead of HQ when they had the official announcement for the Samsung Galaxy Spica I5700 last October. Not...

Official Announcement in Russia, Samsung Galaxy Spica to Arrive on November

The little brother of the Samsung Galaxy I7500 - the Galaxy Spica - has been announced in Russia. It keeps the bright red accent...

Samsung Spica & Bigfoot coming Q3 2009?

Hot on the heels of Samsung's I7500 Android phone comes this pair, the Samsung Spica, on the left, and the Samsung Bigfoot, on the...

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