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Samsung attacks – shows why their Galaxy Tab 2 is the best budget tablet

Samsung is at it again today with another one of their awesome comparison graphs. This time around they aren't comparing the Note 10.1 to...

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) only $249 – Reviewed by SlashGear

Samsung's went back to the drawing board and has prepared two more Android tablets for the market. Calling this round the Galaxy Tab 2...

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7-inch priced at $309… on QVC

"Let me tell you something, home shoppers, we have got an amazing deal for you today. This here's the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, that's...

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablets delayed till late April

Raise your hand if you're uber excited for the Galaxy Tab 2, in either its 10.1-inch or 7-inch incarnations. Anyone? Well, if you've just...

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