Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

Whispers of a Samsung Galaxy S7 mini are starting to circulate

Samsung has had a substantial history of making “mini” versions or variants of their flagships. They might not have packed the oomph that you...
Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini ATT

AT&T to offer Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini this March 20

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini was launched middle of last year and has been compared with the HTC One Mini 2 and Sony Xperia...

Galaxy S5 Mini repairability: just as bad as the flagship

iFixit has done yet another one of its popular teardowns, this time on the Galaxy S5 Mini, Samsung's miniature counterpart to its flagship. While...

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini now available for pre-order in UK, Poland

Samsung has been pretty consistent in churning out “mini” versions of their flagship phones, starting with the Galaxy S3 Mini which launched in...

Galaxy S5 mini vs One mini 2 vs Xperia Z1 Compact

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini has been revealed, it's time we took stock of the market. Most of the major manufacturers now...

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini officially unveiled

Putting an end to another series of leaks and rumors, Samsung has officially unveiled the Galaxy S5 Mini. This is the third in the...

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