Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S has been rooted !!!

That’s right folks, the galaxy S has been rooted. It’s not freed from its stock shackles. Soon there will be custom ROM’s, kernels and...

T-Mobile’s Twitter Mystery Device Is The Galaxy S? (RUMOR)

If you’re a diehard T-Mobile fan, you might be aware of their recent Twitter game. We are now on the third clue on which...

Galaxy S vs. Desire vs. X10 – Direct sunlight screen test

It’s a well known fact that AMOLED screen look terrible at best in direct sunlight. This makes the device almost unusable in direct sunlight....

Samsung Galaxy S Pro specs outed: 1GHz, WiMAX & a SIM slot

We know the Samsung Galaxy S Pro is coming to Sprint, and we know what it looks like; up until now, though, all we've...

Samsung Galaxy Q to Feature Physical QWERTY Keyboard, Heading to US

The argument about having a full, physical QWERTY keyboard or one of the "soft" kind is a time-tested one. And it's probably not going...

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