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Dell Streak Price Lowered to $399, Available in January

Good news for everyone planning on purchasing the Dell Streak within the next couple months, Dell has cut the price a whole $180. Now...

Wirefly Brings Android Home For The Holidays With Big Sale

If you're looking for that special Android gift for someone, look no further than Wirefly this holiday season. 30 free smartphones the entire month...

Doodle Jump app updated, on sale for 99 cents till November 17th

Even though Angry Birds is my current favorite game, I love to play doodle jump as well and it may be the second most...

Motorola Droid II for a penny on Amazon

If you are interested in Android as an OS on a smartphone or have an older Android device you are ready to upgrade, Amazon...

T-Mobile G2 Only $99 from Amazon

Regardless of some recent controversy regarding the root issues, as well as build issues. But still, the G2 is one of the most impressive,...

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