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Root and S-Off achieved on HTC One A9

One peculiarity of HTC devices is the S-Off/S-On system, which protects the device from being tweaked with non-official ROMs and tweaks. So to fully...

Verizon HTC One Rumrunner S-OFF tool now available

Those sporting an AT&T branded HTC One received a bit of good news last week in terms of the Android 4.3 update. That update...

HTC EVO 3D Up Next, Bootloader unlocking is now live at HTCDev

Now before you all get excited and run to HTCdev.com you need to be running the latest OTA for the HTC EVO 3D that...

HTC Sensation and EVO 3D Permanent S-OFF and Recovery Finally Here!

It's finally here, what everyone that has an EVO 3D or Sensation has been waiting for. To be able to achieve S-OFF, Root and...

HTC Sensation Gets S-OFF, EVO 3D Should Be Next [Video]

Slowly but surely they are getting there folks. The developers behind Alpharevx and Unrevoked have been working together (and will be merging soon) finally...

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