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Moto X gets a back-to-school discount

You are probably tired of reading about it, but there might still be some souls out there waiting for the perfect time to grab...

Moto X gets a temporary discount on Net10 Wireless

Yes, Motorola is doing it again. For the n-th time now, the Moto X is getting a limited time discount, this time exclusive to...

Motorola Moto X greets the new year with a new price

Motorola has just unleashed a New Year's gift for fans of its Moto X flagship, at least for those who still don't own one....

Verizon drops DROID BIONIC to $99 without SD card

The DROID RAZR got the ball rolling, but it seems that Verizon's price cutting spree is continuing to older models as well. The Motorola...

Sony’s Tablet S gets a $100 price cut

Hey Sony, you know that the holidays are over now, right? Betanews reports that the company's primary Android Honeycomb tablet, the Tablet S, is...

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