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Hands-on with Portal for SHIELD: console gaming shines on Android

Portal, a classic of modern console gaming, has come to the SHIELD. NVIDIA’s groundbreaking gaming platform has seen a robust PC and Xbox title...

AOL and Verizon partnership will bring a new browser bookmark

AOL and Verizon Wireless have announced a new partnership. This is one that will have the AOL.com portal coming to Verizon Wireless smartphones. In...

Playphone Games Portal coming to Verizon Android devices in Q2

Those rocking an Android device with Verizon Wireless will soon have another app store of sorts. This latest will be a gaming portal and...

Valve’s Portal for Android port canceled due to legal issues

For all those fans of Valve's extremely popular and mind stimulating game Portal, we have some bad news. After tons of excitement of the...

Portal ported to Android, the cake is not a lie

Oh man this news is just awesome. One of my favorite PC games of all times has been unofficially ported to Android. Portal, the...

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