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Google Responds to Microsoft Tweet Regarding Patents

Google has made an update to the blog post yesterday regarding the recent patent lawsuits aimed at Android and its OEM partners. This update...

Oracle Deletes Blog Post Showing CEO’s Approval of Java in Android

While I'm not going to jump into this story too deep I'll start with linking to our Oracle Portal. You will find all the...

Google Lands Java Creator James Gosling

Word has surfaced that Google has made another hire, and he is a prominent hire indeed. The new Google worker is one James Gosling,...

Florian Mueller claims six more Android files use Oracle code

Over the weekend, we wrote that the Florian Muller claims that Android files were stolen from Oracle were bunk. Muller is now claiming to...

The On-Going Debate: Google versus Oracle

Google took a stand yesterday, against Oracle, in their continued debate over Java.  Google is trying to clear their name by disproving Oracle's claim...

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