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LG Univa will be the LG Optimus Hub

The recently seen The LG Univa E510 that has leaked a few times including some recent press shots and then pictured in the wild...

LG Univa Pictured in the Wild

LG has another mid-range phone headed to the streets called the LG Univa and thanks to mobili we have plenty of pictures of the...

LG Optimus One Series Will Receive Android 2.3

After quite the outrage over their made up 1GHz processor requirement being the reason the Optimus series will not see Gingerbread, LG has retracted...

LG Launches Optimus One in India, more phones on the way

We have heard a lot about the LG Optimus one over the past few weeks. Being one of the most solid entry-level Android devices...

LG Boasts LG Optimus One sales, hits 1 million

We all know about the LG Optimus One series of devices from the popular device manufacturer. It's an entry level Android device that can...

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