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WordPress App Now Available For Android

The long awaited WordPress App has finally arrived in the Android Market. Android Community uses a version of this open source blogging program, this...

Google Chrome OS promises web-based netbook platform by late 2010

Google have announced their latest project, Google Chrome OS, an open-source platform for x86 and ARM based netbooks, notebooks and computers.  Building on their...

The push is on in Japan

A 'corporate aggregate' has been assembled in Japan to gather Companies. These Companies gathering for the use and promotion of Android. The promotion is to...

Microsoft Microscope on Android and Apple

The "concern" of open-source mobile operating system Android is not far from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's mind. Ramping up investments into a client operating...

Android open-source is just ‘marketing’ claims Symbian Foundation

If you thought open-source meant one big happy community, joining hands no matter the platform, think again.  Google's Rich Miner has called the Symbian...

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