Tag: OIS

LG G Pro 2 revealed to utilize new OIS Plus technology

Playing up the hype that will lead to its unveiling this month, LG is little by little divulging features of its upcoming G Pro...

Android 4.4.1 descends on the Nexus 5 to ease camera distress [UPDATE]

Instead of taking a few days as expected, Google has immediately made available its promised Android 4.4.1 update to the Nexus 5. And instead...

Nexus 5 camera prowess showcased on Google+

After an excruciatingly long series of rumors and leaks, the day has finally come and the Nexus 5 has officially landed. But while the...

Samsung’s new camera improves OIS, low light shooting

Today, Samsung announces they’ve enhanced their camera for mobile devices. Keeping with the 13MP sweet spot, Samsung touts an improved OIS, better low light...

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