Tag: Nvidia Kal-El

Will TI be the chipmaker of choice for Android Ice Cream Sandwich?

There have already been many announcements coming out of Computex 2011 so far this week. We have seen some cool demos of the powerful...

NVIDIA Shows off SHADOWGUN Kal-El Quad-core Processor Game

Behold the next game NVIDIA is showing off to display the power of quad-core, NVIDIA's next project Kal-El, the name of the case. This...

NVIDIA demos Kal-El quadcore gaming/graphics prowess [Video]

NVIDIA has been teasing us with its next-gen Tegra chipset, codenamed Kal-El, since February, and now the company has demonstrated just what sort of...

ShadowGun by Madfinger Games coming to Tegra 2 and Kal-El devices

Madfinger Games will soon be releasing Shadowgun for Tegra 2 devices. For those that don't recognize the name Madfinger Games they are who are...

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