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Google Maps dynamic rerouting helps users outsmart traffic

Google has just announced a new feature for Google Maps that will help drivers and travelers maneuver through busy streets during rush hour. Starting...

MapQuest 2.0 navigation app boasts of a new look, ETA status bar

While majority of users will be content with using Google Maps for most of their tasks, there will always be a market for more...

Garminfone First Commercial – Video

Due to the recent launch of more powerful Android devices, the Garminfone may have fallen off the radar before it was even launched. T-Mobile...

T-Mobile’s Android-Based Garminfone Released Today

T-Mobile has just released the Garmifone today. This is the second Android device they have released this month. There isn’t much buzz surrounding this...

T-Mobile Garminfone In The Wild

Looking for a better navigation experience on your Android device? Garmin’s entry into the Android game may the device you’ve been waiting for. this...

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