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New updates for T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide and G2 arrive

Today T-Mobile and HTC are pushing new updates for two phones that are getting on in age. The myTouch 3G Slide and the G2...

MyTouch 3G Update to Froyo Rolling Out Now

Word from a fellow by the name of "Hamburger" in our discussion forums is that T-Mobile is pushing out an over-the-air update to all...

All Phones At T-Mobile Will Be Free on June 19th?

We’ve been waiting and digging for more information on what will happen on the 19th. Most of us thought it would be the introduction...

HTC myTouch 3G Slide for T-Mobile Available Now

Seemingly out of nowhere, T-Mobile has gone ahead and made the myTouch 3G Slide available for purchase. And in classic myTouch fashion, you have...

HTC myTouch 3G Slide for T-Mobile Review

When T-Mobile announced the myTouch 3G, it was almost immediately welcomed warmly into the Android family. With the exception of, perhaps, the name, the...

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