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Verizon’s new Motorola Citrus budget phone due November 11

Verizon has announced that the Motorola Citrus will go on sale from November 11, the company's latest Android smartphone and another Motorola languishing on...

Samsung Continuum, Motorola Citrus, And Samsung Zeal hitting Verizon November 11

Just this week Verizon’s update sheet, which revealed upcoming releases, let us know that the Continuum and Citrus were definitely coming to the carrier...

Motorola split seems eminent

The Android OS has been doing so well over the past six months, its CEO, Sanjay Jha is starting to speak up about the...

Motorola Citrus announced by Verizon

Motorola announced today the Citrus along with the Droid Pro for Verizon. This is an entry level phone that will most likely run Android...

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