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Motorola Bravo Gets App Sideloading via Enabler App

For those of you who love to take some apps from all over the place - aka the Amazon App Store, Getjar, and of...

Motorola split seems eminent

The Android OS has been doing so well over the past six months, its CEO, Sanjay Jha is starting to speak up about the...

Motorola FLIPSIDE, BRAVO and FLIPOUT hands-on

It wasn't just Motorola's new Verizon phones at the company's CTIA 2010 event; the new AT&T FLIPOUT, BRAVO and FLIPSIDE had come along for...

AT&T raid Motorola for BRAVO, FLIPSIDE and FLIPOUT

AT&T has picked up three Motorola smartphones, including the Motorola FLIPOUT which has already been available for some time in Europe, and two new...

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