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LifeStats automatically journals your mobile life for you

In an age where instant and automatic are what we expect from cars, food and our digital life, apps that make our life easier...

Callistics app keeps track of your phone’s calls and messages

If you’re the type of person who wants to keep track of all the calls and messages that you make, sometimes your smartphone’s built-in...

Friday lifelogging app hands-on: your digital second brain

It's that day of the week again and what better way to spend it than with something called Friday. Aside from being the title...

Event Logger keeps an eye on everything your device does

Even if you're not one to pay much attention to your device's resource usage there will always come a time when, for one reason...

Carrier IQ busted on video: records keystrokes, web traffic

Carrier IQ's support software has been monitored closely by Android security watchdogs for the last few weeks. After an embarrassing public relations snafu, the...

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