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LG X3 will come to market as the Optimus 4X HD

What's more catchy than an extremely generic product name like "X3"? How about a longer generic name that's already appeared on dozens of handsets?...

LG X3 quad-core gets detailed, screenshots included

LG's next high-end smartphone has been leaked and name dropped a few times but today we have received a full slew of specs, and...

LG planning to show “revolutionary” phones at Mobile World Congress

With Mobile World Congress 2012 soon approaching the invites and press releases keep rolling in. LG has just sent out a few that are...

Two new LG phones show up in certification records

We know that LG has at least one new Android phone slated for release soon, namely the X3, likely to be shown off at...

LG X3 brings Prada style and a Tegra 3 processor

Quad-core phones are going to be all the rage in the next few months, and it looks like LG has no intention of letting...

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