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CTIA to showcase new LG Phones

CTIA is adding LG Phones to it's list of breaking news before the wireless confab later this year in Orlando. Although no details...

LG Revolution to have inductive charging plate (optional)

LG is very busy at Mobile World Congress this year and it's new LG Revolution is not only going to be running Android 2.2...

Verizon Makes World’s First Voice Over LTE Call on a Commercial Network

It's been reported today, announced by Verizon, confirmed by Verizon Chief Technology Officer Tony Melone, that Verizon had officially completed the world's first successful...

Verizon upgrades LTE support with voiceover for the LG Revolution

When Verizon launched the LG Revolution at CES last year, there wasn't much talk about voice calling over 4G.  But with more and more...

LG Revolution Quick Look [Video]

LG has not quite been the focus of this year’s CES 2011, but that doesn’t mean they will not be a key player for...

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