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Firefox for Android to come preinstalled on some new devices

To further its efforts to bring its own brand of web browsing experience to more mobile users, Mozilla has partnered with some device manufacturers...

Kobo Arc 7, Tegra-powered Arc 7HD, 10HD tablets announced

eReading device maker Kobo has just unveiled a series of devices that aims to give the best reading experience for digital book lovers. Included...

Kobo Arc gets Android 4.1 update

If you are the owner of the Kobo Arc tablet, Kobo has announced that the tablet now has a new Android update available. The...

Kobo Arc hits shelves in the UK, Canada, and France

Kobo, the company best known for its ebook readers, is bringing its 7-inch tablet to market in the UK, Canada, and France today. The...

Kobo Arc tablet hitting stores in November, comes in 64GB flavor

If you're in the market for an e-reader and want something with beefed-up storage space, the Kobo Arc may be your solution. The company...

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