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Samsung Galaxy S II vs iPhone 4S browser comparison and load times [Video Updated]

The iPhone 4S is finally here and while we don't have a 5 to compare things to, we do have the 4S to throw...

Google Instant Preview comes to Android

Google Instant Previews, the search feature that shows snapshots of web pages along side search results has finally made its way to Android and...

Android Destroys Apple Logo in Short 3D Animation

This is one of those things that's not especially important to the evolution of Android's mobile OS or it's actual sales war with iOS,...

10 reasons why Android 2.2 Falls short of iOS 4

The Apple Vs. Google debate has been a major one since Android's announcement. And while each has it's own advantages, Android is usually seen...

Android 2.2 Crushes iOS4 in JavaScript Benchmark Tests

There's no doubt about the fact that we love our benchmark tests around here. We see them as great ways to get a feel...

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