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Verizon confirms HTC 5-inch phone as the DROID DNA

If you're impressed by the 5-inch 1080p smartphone coming from the folks at HTC and are on Verizon, then we have good news. Multiple...

HTC DLX 5-inch phablet reportedly leaks for Verizon

If you've been watching the news lately and hoping to see more of HTC's recently announced 5-inch 1080p smartphone powerhouse you'll want to stay...

HTC Nexus 5 rumors skip over LG

We've been hearing a lot lately about what we might see from Google as the next Nexus smartphone. With the 1 year anniversary of...

HTC J Butterfly 5-inch phablet first look video released

Today HTC finally announced what we've all been waiting to hear from them. That being their new 5-inch 1920 x 1080p full HD phablet...

Verizon HTC Droid Incredible X likely launching very soon

It looks like HTC's Droid Incredible X could be coming to Verizon in the very near future. The Global Certification Forum appears to have...

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