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Huawei Australia Unveils IDEOS X5, X6 Android Smartphones

Check it out, a couple new phones for the Australian Market - both of them from Huawei, both of them Running Android 2.2 Froyo....

China’s Huawei Reveals Two New Android Phones: IDEOS X5 and X6

Over in China, equipment company Huawei is showing off two Android smartphones that go by the names IDEOS X5 and IDEOS X6. Both phone...

Huawei Ideos To Come To T-Mobile?

T-Mobile is in talks with Huawei to possibly distribute the new handset that we recently got our hands on in IFA-2010. They are hoping...

Huawei Ideos 2.2 Handset Announced

Announced today at IFA-2010 was a little handset called the Ideos, by Huawei. This will be a Vanilla 2.2 Android device that has a...

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