Tag: HTC Runnymede

HTC Bass aka HTC Runnymede leaks on video

It's someone in the UK that gets the credit (or the blame?) here, folks, for a video that shows off the soon to be...

HTC Runnymede will launch as the HTC Bass

New details regarding the HTC Runnymede have surfaced yet again and sources are claiming it will be called the HTC Bass. Maybe HTC has...

HTC Runnymede and Bliss full specs revealed

It appears the full spec list for both the HTC Runnymede as well as the HTC Bliss have been leaked in full. With all...

HTC Runnymede press shot leaks, looks pretty in white

Back in August we received our first details regarding the HTC Runnymede that were later confirmed by a spec sheet that also showed the...

HTC Runnymede 2 Spec Sheet Leaks

Another set of details has just been leaked regarding the HTC Runnymede 2. Although I've still not heard of the first one and unsure...

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