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ROM Leaked for the T-Mobile myTouch 4G (HTC Glacier)

We're well on our way to the Emerald City, yes? Creep your claws into this, oh you anticipators of Project Emerald will love to...

HTC PC10100 Enters FCC, Featuring AWS 3G and HSPA+

Rumors about the HTC Glacier, an exceptionally powerful device featuring T-Mobile's HSPA+, began a few weeks back, and despite there not being much more...

HTC Glacier is T-Mobile’s Project Emerald?

When Project Emerald news broke, there was all sorts of speculation surrounding what it could be. Despite all the rumor mongering and speculation, we...

HTC Vision Marries the HTC Desire with Physical QWERTY Keyboard

There's no doubt that the HTC high-end devices out there are lacking one thing or another, but for most, that thing would be a...

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