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HTC Status Free and Motorola Triumph $250 this week at Target

It's no mistake that we've got more than a couple posts each week regarding Target Superstore, it's just logical - yours truly lives in...

Samsung Gravity Smart Review [T-Mobile]

Welcome to another installment in the three mighty mid-range Samsung devices coming out on T-Mobile in these early 2011 summer months. This is the...

T-Mobile Samsung Gravity Smart Hands-On and Unboxing

Gravity in the house! We've got our hands on Samsung's newest midrange effort in the Gravity Smart, a device sent out to T-Mobile to...

T-Mobile Samsung Gravity Smart PACKED with Goodies

Now you won't hear me saying this very often, rarely if ever in fact, but this device from Samsung and T-Mobile has a LOT...

T-Mobile Samsung Exhibit 4G and Gravity Smart get Official on June 22nd

Courtesy of T-Mobiles Twitter account we have just learned that two of their upcoming budget Android smartphones the Samsung Exhibit 4G as well as...

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