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Google Play Books now available in France

Google's been hard at work getting their Play Store content to more and more locations around the world. While this isn't as easy as...

Google Play Books expands to Germany

Google's Android Market, now known as the Play Store doesn't offer all of its services across the globe. While many have been waiting for...

Google updates Gmail, Google Books, and Street View on Android

Google just pushed out a trio of updates for Android today. Bringing new features and improvements to the wildly popular Gmail, Google Play Books...

Google is still working on adding Google Play content for more countries

One of the more frustrating aspects of Android for non-US users is that a lot of the content on the Google Play Store (formerly...

Google Play will probably add audiobooks and periodicals, but not soon

More than a few have been somewhat confused by Google's Android and media rebranding efforts around the Google Play name. But it looks like...

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