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Verizon GALAXY S 4 will be first with Advance Wireless Service support

The GALAXY S 4 recently launched with Verizon Wireless and while the handset brings LTE support out of the box, it is looking like...

GALAXY S 4 Mini confirmed on Samsung website

Samsung seems to have confirmed the GALAXY S 4 Mini. The handset has been revealed on the official Samsung website earlier this morning. Samsung...

Verizon Wireless GALAXY S 4 availability begins today

The pre-order period has come to an end and as of today, the Samsung GALAXY S 4 is available with Verizon Wireless. The carrier...

AT&T launching the Aurora Red GALAXY S 4 in mid-June

Samsung confirmed four additional GALAXY S 4 colors earlier this morning and it looks like one of those new colors will soon be launching...

Samsung says it will look into compacting Galaxy S 4 software bloat

Earlier this month we talked a bit about Samsung and the fact that it had raised the ire of some owners of the Galaxy...

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